Does God chose us for who we are, or does he design us with a

purpose in mind?

RE: Salvation Mountain - The True Story of Leonard Knight

Dear Sir/Madame,

This is the story of a drifter, who came to believe, he was called to

tell the world, “God is love...”

1989 - Desert Squatters Camp (Act 1): A hobo, with infectious

enthusiasm, stands before a 50 foot alter to God and declares to

the media, “There’s nothing like knowing your purpose and having God on your side” just as his life’s work, collapses behind him.

1940-1989 (Act 2): After “the fall,” Leonard Knight retraces his failed life, starting in small town Vermont, where he is bullied, abused and misdiagnosed; through a twelve year odyssey of “trying” to launch his “God is love” hot air balloon sewn from fragments... Ultimately, Leonard is “inspired” to rebuild the mountain with adobe after he has “visions” which lead to genius engineering innovations; and as if torn from the pages of Job, good and evil characters rush-in, to his defense, or hell-bent on his destruction.

1994 (Act 3): The situation escalates to a government conspiracy to evict the elderly and disabled squatters, but first they must get rid of what is now being called “Salvation Mountain.” But Leonard, sees no chance in defeating the “Goliath” bureaucracy, so the fate of the largest and most innovative adobe art installation in the world, as well as the last hope of hundreds of helpless souls is sealed... unless Leonard can, once-and-for-all, find the faith to believe in the promise God has for his life.

Me - Award winning, Emmy nominated documentarian/segment producer, I’ve spent much of the last four years interviewing, living with, and filming Leonard. I have not only secured the rights to his life story, but accomplished what no other filmmaker has, unlocked the paradox behind one of the most fascinating living persons in the world. 

For a copy of the script, please contact me at patrickrea1@cox.net, or call 760-747-8489. The move site is: www.SalvationMountainTheMovie.com (Interviews, “Teaser” and PDF of ACT ONE).


Patrick Rea

Today - Leonard is considered America’s foremost living folk artist, and he is being considered for “National Treasure” status by the US Congress; but more significantly, he exemplifies the Biblical ideals of “Salt & Light, as well as Child-like Faith” like no other. This is his secret to having “personally” shared his testimony and the love of God with over half a million people; more than anyone, ever, AND THEY ALL CAME TO HIM . .  .

Ps. The script has benefited from the scrutiny of several professional script consultants.

Leonard Knight